I Am A Human IMDB page

I watch a lot of movies. Correction: I watch a lot of bad movies. Sure, I’ve seen Oscar winners and acclaimed documentaries, but I’ve also seen the movie Con Air about 642 times (Seriously, that’s only a slight exaggeration). And every time the movie Armageddon is on, I have to drop everything and watch it. Without. Fail.

I’m not ashamed to say that I am a human IMDB page. Who knows how this talent will come in handy, but you probably want me on your trivia team. I’m just saying…

I’m not sure when my love for movies started or even where it came from, but it’s a love unwavering. If I have two hours to burn, I’ll pop into the movie theater– yes, by myself– to catch a flick. When I’m stressed out, a movie is often the cure. Movies can transcend cultures, address social injustices, and even ignite change. They can be a clandestine moral compass guiding us through a plot of villainy and inequality.

Then sometimes, though, movies are just plain fun.

All movies don’t have to be trying to solve the world’s problems. Different movies serves different purposes, and sometimes the purpose is just pure entertainment. There are times when we just want to escape the stresses of life and watch two guys try and get to White Castle. Sure, Nic Cage may not be the greatest actor of our generation, but I’ll watch him try and solve a terrorist situation on Alcatraz or steal the Declaration of Independence to discover a hidden treasure any day. Movies don’t have to fill some lofty purpose for me. In fact, most of the time it’s the opposite.

Yeah, maybe a LAPD cop wouldn’t decide the best course of action to be riding what is essentially a piece of tin foil underneath a speeding bus to get a look a bomb (Speed). Maybe we don’t care about a bright eyed hooker who finds love and a new wardrobe with a charming but uptight businessman (Pretty Woman).

But that’s not really what movies are all about.



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