Minnetonka: Not Just A City In Minnesota

Remember those Minnetonka moccasins I told you about? The ones that I wore my sophomore year of high school and was teased for (“Hey, where’s the Pocahontas convention?”). God, I loved those things. In fact, I still have them and pull them out whenever I’m feeling a bit Annie-Oakley-meets-Coachella.

Over the years, I’ve consistently added to my moccasin collection — doing my small part to keep Minnetonka in business. Whenever I try to deter from the path, I also end up back where I started, skimming the Minnetonka website for their latest twist on a classic.

Haven’t worn them before? The greatest things about Minnetonka moccasins:
– They’re both fashion forward and timeless at the same time
– One word: Fringe
– They’re unbelievably comfortable– so much so that you feel like you are tricking everyone by wearing your slippers as shoes
– You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to own a pair… or two

I’m really digging these limited edition 3-Layer Fringe Boots in Mustard. Mustard is one of those weird colors that is simultaneously a statement and a neutral.

These white moccasins are a nice, modern spin on the ones I already own. Whenever I wear out the ones I own (or spill a glass of red wine on them), these might just be their replacement.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a driving moc.

These bad boys can be worn with tights, skinny jeans, skirts — plus,  they come in five colors. Great to throw on whenever I need to satisfy my southwestern/fringe/ankle boot craving.

Now that I have the footwear, I just need to find my very own Lone Ranger…

– C


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