I’m With The Band

…the headband that is. Any Kimmy Gibbler worshipping child of the nineties knows not to underestimate the sartorial power of this hair accessory.  Not only can they help you go from troll-under-the-bridge-fro to Blair Waldorf polished perfection in a snap, but they’re also an inexpensive (even DIY) way to add style to your look.

Now, now, I know what some of you might be thinking, headbands are soooo 2008, even my sister’s fiance’ made sure to put in his two cents, asking me in his most condescending fashionista voice, “Oh, so you’re trying to bring back the headband?”  Pssht, as far as I’m concerned, they never went out!


And lets be serious for a second here, there’s no way I’m letting a man who periodically leaves the house in an un avante-garde pairing of black shoes and brown belt rain on my hair accessory parade (I still love you though, Michael!).

With brands like Zara and websites like and offering up affordable pieces to adorn your noggin, who wouldn’t want to bring back the headband?  And if you’re still not ready to jump back on the headband wagon (pun intended), take note that headbands manifested on the fall runways in all shapes and sizes, from thick and knitted a la Marc Jacobs to the backwards cyborg head gear shown by Balenciaga.  Personally, I prefer my headbands with a side of teased, undone updo for a look that’s equal parts Bardot and Hepburn, and a perfect nighttime look for a fall/winter wedding or holiday party.

So, next time your look is feeling uninspired, slap on a headband, you’ll get your sparkle back in no time.



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