Retail Fix: Zara

When I was studying abroad in Spain, I spent about 12% of my time within a Zara store. So naturally when Zara hit the states, I was beyond ecstatic (and a little nervous I would ever make it anywhere on time ever again given my previous Zara time commitment).

Sometimes the store is better than others,  but I can’t remember a time that I’ve walked into a Zara and not found something that I wish were in my closet.

I made a pilgrimage down to Zara this weekend and found some great new wardrobe “essentials”… because every wardrobe needs a bedazzled army fatigue jacket…

Military Shirt with Embellished Pocket

Leather Mini Skirt with Chain Detail

Sweater with Studded Collar

Washed-Out Silk Velvet Blazer

Printed Pencil skirt with Frill



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