Pumped Up Kicks

As the shorter contributor to the bow & whistle (5’7″ isn’t even short, Caitlin just happens to be an amazon woman), I feel its my duty to report on the power of a good high heel.  To quote the plastic faced beauty of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adriene Maloof, “the higher the heel, the closer to God.”  Unfortunately, that rule is only realistically applicable if the only movement you do all day is teetering from your chauffeured Bentley to your unicorn tears and lamb placenta facial appointment and then back to the comfort of your mansion, your solid gold and Italian marble mansion.  Real girls gotta move, which is why I’m a huge fan of the high-heeled bootie.

We talk about Zara a lot on this blog, but lets do it again, because they’re awesome.  This pair of Zara ankle boots is under $100, combines patent leather and suede and has an over-sized zipper, and who doesn’t need more novelty zipper in their life?

Ankle Boot with Double Zip


I’ve gotten countless compliments on these Pour la Victoire wedges, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day and combine two of my favorite fall trends – oxblood and pony hair.

Pour La Victoire Gianni Bootie


And last but not least, check out these kicks by Matt Bernson.  This stacked heel bootie comes in a variety of colors, but obviously my choice is the leopard print.

Jagger Bootie in Gaimaican Ginger


Matt Bernson also makes a number of styles of glitter boots that border obnoxious in the best way possible, but if you don’t feel like spending $200 plus on glitter boots, we found their budget doppleganger for $69 by Wanted.

Wanted Glitter Back Booties


Kick up your heels, friends.



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