Links To Get You Through Monday

This Links To Get You Through Monday post might be the most important one yet. The Monday after Thanksgiving is quite possibly the worst workday of the year. You’re still in a food coma, likely spent enough time with your family–or even worse–your in-laws, and you were just starting to get used to the whole not working thing. Well, at least you have this blog post…

  • Can someone please explain the appeal of this to me? Watch this clip of  “The Most Extreme Sport in the World.”
  • Planning on taking it easy this weekend to recover from taking it easy during Thanksgiving? Here is Empire’s list of the 500 Greatest Movies of All Time. There’s bound to be one or two on here you haven’t seen…
  • After reaching their fundraising goal for leukemia research, two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders made good on their promise and shaved their heads in support of Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with the disease in September and is currently undergoing treatment.
  • B & W’s Sarah will be happy to know that looking at cute animals may actually increase your work productivity.
  • Nothing like a video of a Black Friday brawl over a pair of women’s underwear to cap off your Thanksgiving weekend.

How about a link for what to do with 12 lbs of leftover turkey?



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