Retail Fix: BCBG

BCBG is the tried-and-true staple for special occasion dresses (I’ve got a closet full of homecoming dresses to prove it). Even still, the retailer is more than just cocktail dresses.

Check out what else BCBG has to offer now.

Sequined Legging
I actually cannot believe that Sarah does not already own these. 

Abree Relaxed Scarf-Print Jacket

Jaclyn Wide-Leg Pant
I have to buy long pants, which means I can never buy pants at stores who don’t offer inseams, which means I will never own these awesome wide leg pants… 

Abigal Embroidered Cocktail Dress

Arelia Metallic A-Line Coat

Studded Waist Belt

Dorshea Cheetah Sequin Pencil Skirt

Ara Faux-Leather Top

Laurin Contrast-Bib Silk Top


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