Links To Get You Through Monday

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You know what that means? A crazy month of shopping, parties, year-end meetings at work, and general craziness. Despite all that, Mondays are still Mondays… the worst day of the week. Here are some links to get you through.

  • I’ve taken some pretty terrible photos in my day (I’m not sure how Glamour Shots convinced people to pay good money so they could document the ridiculousness for all eternity). Yet, celebrities never seem to take a bad photo… well, until now. Here are some hysterical photos of celebrities photoshopped as everyday people.   
  • Sometimes we need to stop and be reminded of the impact kindness can have on others. Here are 13 amazing random acts of kindness to put a smile on your face.
  • Was this drawn by my future child?
  • Speaking of wine, this year everyone is getting wine ice cream for Christmas.
  • Ever heard of Fiverr? It’s a website where you can sell things or services for five bucks. Well, here are the 12 strangest services offered for $5.
  • I’ve always wanted to end up in the Cash Cab in NYC, but I would settle for this taxi made out of a DeLorean.
  • They finally did it! Barbie and Ken finally tied the knot. Take a look at their wedding album.
  • Even after you’ve been to all those links, you remember that it’s still Monday. At least here’s 19 people who are having a worse day than you.

Here’s to the beginning of another week…


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