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A Girl’s Guide To: Buying Cheap Art Online

Moved into a new place? Have a bare wall you’ve been meaning to cover and just haven’t? Trying to pretend you’re an adult and making “adult purchases?” Sounds like you could use some affordable art.

Now, disclaimer: Sarah works in art. She’s studied it and studied it and studied it. She understands the investment return of a great painting. She can talk in length about (insert any painter’s name here… seriously, any painter, she knows). I, on the other hand, am no art expert. I just know what I like. And whether you’re like Sarah or me or somewhere in the middle, I promise you can find something you like online and still be able to afford to put gas in your car later.

I am still holding out that something like this will happen to me, but until it does, here are some great sites to purchase awesome, unique art on the cheap.


Can’t have a post on affordable art without mentioning perhaps the most well-known of them all. Jen Berkman founded 20×200 because she “wanted something as awesome as collecting art to be fun.” Well Jen, I find snagging wonderful art for $24 to be–in a word–awesome. Word of advice: Once the limited edition prints are gone, they’re gone for good, so be sure to snap it up if you like it.

City Lights


Society6 is a great site to find up-and-coming artists. The work often has a playful, tongue and cheek vibe with a particular emphasis on illustrations. And… it’s all cheap. Like super cheap. Moose Print

Eye Buy Art

Into photography? Eye Buy Art is the place for you. They release a new photograph every two weeks and represent emerging photographers from the US, UK, and Canada.


The Working Proof

The Working Proof is a great site which combines artistry with philanthropy. 15 percent of the sales of every print are donated to a charity of the artist’s choice. Every night I’ll stare at my art from The Working Proof through the lenses of my Warby Parker frames while wearing my Toms shoes and liken myself to be a philanthropist.

Fish of the Andaman Sea



When I say has everything, I mean everything.  You can spend hours browsing this site. I mean seriously, I just start clicking. Only problem is it can be hard to settle on just one piece. Prices range, but they have an easy price filter to cut out the budget busters.

Mark Rothko


There are some truly great artists on Etsy. Now, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for then Etsy can take a bit of digging, but that’s half the fun.

Ester Bayer


Don’t forget about tried-and-true eBay. Have something specific in mind? Search it. Who knows what might come up. If not, just start typing in random key words and see what happens… at least thats what I do.

French Impressionist Painting

Happy art hunting!



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