Retail Fix: River Island

I swore off Charlotte Rousse at 18, my relationship with Forever21 is slowly grinding to a halt, aside from the occasional accessory purchase, and H&M is now only a friend I see when I bump into her at the mall.  Its not that I’ve gotten snobby, although my next sentence is going to start-off sounding über pretentious (as does my use of “über”), its just that I prefer to invest in better quality, well-made clothing as I’m getting older.  But, during my time living in London – see I told you-  the exchange rate forced me to revisit my relationship with cheap, crap clothing, but it was actually a blessing in disguise.  I discovered that a.) the Brits make better fitting cheap clothing and b.) they also make better looking cheap clothing by using more convincing materials.  And now, one of my favorite brands, River Island  is available in the states through another of our favs  So now we can all wear polyester and pleather together, yay!  But seriously, this stuff is pretty decent, especially for the price, and its perfect for trying out trend-driven looks that may workout or may leave you with a new bag of goodies for the Goodwill dropbox.

River Island Over-sized Blazer, $49.25


River Island Geo Tribal Midi-Dress, $30.78


River Island Wet Look Skirt with Box Pleats, $38.70


River Island Devore Tank, $27.76


River Island Tan Hard Leather Tote, $123.00


River Island Gray Perforated Western Boots, $105.00


And just remember, if anyone asks where you got it you can just say its European.



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