Links To Get You Through Monday

Getting back to work after the holidays can be a challenge to say the least. Here is you weekly link roundup to make it a little easier.

  • Jay-Z will compose the score for the much anticipated Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Great Gatsby.” What can’t the man do? I’m anticipating a Hova presidential run in 2016.
  • The best part about being sick when I was growing up was that you got to stay home and watch The Price Is Right. Here’s a great article about a guy who developed a foolproof scientific system to get on TPIR.
  • Good to know that I am officially dumber than this cat.
  • Need a quick DIY project? Check out this tutorial on how to create faux malachite boxes on a dime.
  • Jimmy Kimmel is right. The overreaction by the local news in Southern California to a “cold weather snap” is both ridiculous and funny.
  • Go home, you’re drunk.
  • Think I have what it takes to work for Kate and Wills?

Look on the bright side, next Monday is MLK Jr. Day.



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