B&W Friends: The Ode To Decades Continues

We’re starting a new feature, where we will have friends of the B&W guest blog from time to time. This feature will be called “B&W Friends” because we’re not creative enough to think of anything better. This week’s guest post comes from our friend Rachel who sent us the following email, which we subsequently exploited for the blog. 

Although we have a shared fondness for everything 80s (dating, haircuts, heartthrobs, etc.), I stumbled upon this lovely Youtube video. The video reminds me that indeed I was a child of the 90s. Yoyos? Yup, I could walk the dog. Fanny pack? Rocked it. Giga Pets? Mine always died because I never cleaned up their poop. Long story short, we don’t have to pick and choose. You can love the 80s and still have nostalgia for the 90s. And if you still have any doubt, remember, Justin Beiber was born in 90s. Before he grew up to be a lesbian, the Beibs had great hair…only to be outdone by Jaden Smith’s locks of awesomeness.


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