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B&W Loves: Kate Spade Saturday’s Cooler Tote

I like cheap beer… and I’m not ashamed.

I’m also loving this Cooler Tote from Kate Spade’s new line Saturday. Now, I can carry some “refreshments” (i.e. cheap beer) with me over to an afternoon barbecue, bring to a tailgate, or out with me on a Friday night… just kidding, who would bring beer with them out on a Friday night…

For $110, I just might have to add this into my handbag arsenal. After all, it’s better than hauling around an Igloo cooler– why they ever made those without wheels, I will never understand, but that’s a rant I have for another day.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking stylish and my thirst will always be quenched with my new Cooler Tote.

Cooler Tote Cooler Tote Open

Who wants a beer?



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